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Couples therapy

Couples therapy

Couples therapy

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Couples therapy

All relationships go through ups and downs, but sometimes relationship issues can trigger feelings of low, mood anxiety and depression. If someone is already feeling down, their relationship can suffer as result.

Steps2Wellbeing Couples Therapy for Depression can help you and your partner work together on your issues to understand each other better, improve communication and how you relate to each other.

Who can have couples therapy?

Couples therapy is for any couple that have been in a committed relationship for at least six months.

Steps2Wellbeing is an inclusive service and actively welcomes referrals from couples within the LGBTQI+ community.

This kind of therapy benefits couples whose relationship is being affected by low mood or depression, whether this applied to one or both partners.

Steps2Wellbeing can’t offer couples therapy if there is any form of abuse within the relationship, problematic use of drugs and alcohol or where one of both partners are living with a serious mental health diagnosis.

How can couples therapy help?

Couples therapy can improve your relationship by helping you to work together on the issues that create unhappiness and move on from unhelpful ways of acting towards each other.

Couples therapy sessions will help you and your partner to understand each other better, including how you both feel and how you behave. Getting better at understanding each other, as well as learning new skills, can lead improve your mood and lead to a happier relationship.

You’ll work with your therapist to talk about what is bothering you and find solutions to your problems together.

Couples therapy can help you to:

• Reduce heated arguments

• Build emotional openness and closeness

• Improve communication and behaviour

• Change unhelpful thoughts

• Help you to cope with day-to-day stress and big life events together

How to get in touch

You can refer yourself and your partner to Steps2Wellbeing for couples therapy online, over the phone or using our friendly digital assistant Wysa. Couples therapy is available either through video or in person appointments.

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