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Service User Stories

Poem form Donna who attended our Anxiety Course.

So it was 11.50 Monday morning and I had to get to group… a group to help anxiety but it was that that overwhelmed me and stopped me getting out.

Finally I made it past my own front door, unusually alone something rarely done before.

I drove to car park of a building Id only ever ran past but then I almost drove back home when I struggled to even leave the car. What would the other people be like? Was I dressed appropriately? Would they laugh at me? Negative thoughts hitting me from nowhere……ridiculous to many I was sure.

It was getting later and later and as every second passed I kept telling myself that my plan to join the meeting was impossible now so I had to make another plan… this was to run to the door with the view to handing in my scribbled note to apologise for my nonattendance and flee to my car and my safety net once more. It started to rain heavily but despite that I made it to and through the door.

Oh no… my worse fears were met as one of the counsellors was there to greet me and invite me in….help me someone, what am I going to do…I cant do this, they cant make me stay….

The key things I remember from that first day were friendly, smiley faces and anxiety galore. Not just me but everyone felt it and I for one felt comforted (and a little sad) that I was not the only one going through this torment of living with this monster called anxiety…

So here we are 9 weeks later with the group having to be virtual but the same friendly smiley faces and support as before. A few weeks ago I panicked about this group disbanding as I thought I cant do this without them….but now I’m not so sure…

There will be times that I may not feel able to deal with it alone but by continuing to practice the strategies from our trusted S2W toolbox it doesn’t seem as impossible as it always has before.

So thank you everyone for helping me, stay strong and positive because we’ve got this.