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How are you feeling?


We all feel sad, fed up, unhappy or low at some point in our lives, often because of events such as the death of someone close to us, a relationship issue, health troubles, or problems at work. And sometimes it can just appear as if out of nowhere. Whilst this is completely normal and most of the time will not affect us for too long, sometimes the feeling won't go away. When this happens, feelings of unhappiness and other symptoms of depression can feel as though they've taken over our lives.

Depression is not just an occasional low mood, it is a recognised condition that can affect the whole body as well as our mood and how we think. People with depression may also have symptoms of anxiety. Suffering from depression does not mean that you are a weak person.

Everyone is different and so the symptoms of depression can vary. They may include:

  • an unshakable or constant low mood

  • feeling helpless or hopeless

  • low self-esteem and self-confidence

  • experiencing lots of negative thinking (being self-critical or pessimistic)

  • feeling irritable or impatient

  • finding it difficult to concentrate or make decisions

  • feeling numb, empty, and tired

  • experiencing changes in sleep pattern

  • changes in eating habits

  • changes in sex drive

  • avoiding doing the things you normally enjoy including seeing family or friends

  • experiencing thoughts about hurting yourself, or feeling that things might be better if you were dead.

These feelings don't have to continue. We can offer support and effective treatment that can help you manage your depression and improve your quality of life.

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