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How are you feeling?

Students and Young Adults

Although depression and anxiety can affect people at all ages and stages of life, they can cause, and be caused by different issues. As a young person, you might be leaving home for the first time, going to university, or getting your first full time job. Added to this, relationships with parents and friends can change as you become an adult. This can be exciting, but with the additions of deadlines, exam pressure, managing your money and organising and affording accommodation the excitement can soon turn to dread as you try to navigate new situations, often whilst missing old friends and your family.

For some people the stress associated with these changes is short lived and soon passes. However for others it can be longer lasting and they may need some additional support to feel better. It is important to recognise that experiencing these difficulties does not make someone "weak" or "strange" and that there is support available to help you overcome your difficulties and increase your quality of life.

The Steps to Wellbeing service can provide support, advice and treatment for people registered at a GP surgery within Dorset or Southampton City. Click the link below to refer yourself.

Or, if you are currently a student at Bournemouth University, they have their own dedicated Student Wellbeing service provided through Dorset HealthCare and situated at Talbot and Lansdown Campuses. Click here to access the student wellbeing referral form. Alternatively other universities and colleges have access to their own in-house counselling service. For students not registered at a Dorset or Southampton GP practice or studying at BU get in touch with your university or college student services for details of their in-house counselling services.

Students and Young Adults

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