Steps 2 Wellbeing

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GP & Healthcare Professionals

Risk Management

The Steps to Wellbeing Service provides psychological interventions for people suffering from mild to moderate anxiety and depression based problems. We are not a crisis, emergency or urgent service, and are not able to respond to increases in risk prior to taking people into treatment. If you believe that there are significant risk issues for a patient then Steps to Wellbeing (IAPT) is not an appropriate referral. A referral should instead be made directly to a secondary care mental health service.

If a patient?s risk increases and/or there is a serious deterioration in their mental health during the course of treatment then our service may no longer be suitable to meet their needs. In the event that a higher level of support is needed we will suggest to patients that they make an emergency appointment at their surgery to discuss medication and/or a referral to secondary care services.

The Service is not able to provide treatment for patients who have the following presentations or diagnoses as their main presenting problem:

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Significant / high risk of harm to self or others or self-neglect

  • Those requiring care co-ordination under care programme approach (CPA)

  • Psychotic symptoms

  • Personality disorders

  • Eating disorders which require specialist services

  • Drug or alcohol problems which require specialist services

  • Complex or atypical depression