Steps 2 Wellbeing

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Getting Help

Signposting and Other Services

Our service can provide help for a range of conditions and people, however during or after your initial assessment it may be decided that another service is more suited to your current problem. This may be because we feel you need more intensive help than we can offer, or that we can only help after a separate problem is addressed. If this happens we offer a signposting service where we can either suggest a more appropriate route of care and provider, or can (with your consent) pass your details along to another service for them to contact you.

We understand that sometimes this is unexpected and can lead to confusion or upset, however please contact us if you would like to discuss your case.

Please note, our admin staff may be unable to comment on your case and it may be necessary for another member of our team to contact you. Please bear with us. We do not tolerate abusive or threatening language being directed at any of our staff.