Steps 2 Wellbeing

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Getting Help

What Happens Next?

During or after your initial consultation it will be decided based on the information you have given and the framework we adhere to what is the best course of action to help you. Click on the How can we help link to find out more about the type of help and therapy we can offer.

As part as our commitment to continual evaluation of our services, and ensuring the help we offer is improving your condition and quality of life, we use a range of measures, including measures of how you are feeling and how your condition is affecting you. We will ask you to fill out some questionnaires either before or during your appointments with us, and use your answers to help you track your journey, and ensure the help we are offering you is right for you.

Sometimes it may be decided that another service is better placed to help you either instead of or before Steps2Wellbeing can help. If this happens we have a procedure to signpost you to a more relevant service, either by giving you their details to contact them yourself, or if you consent we may pass your details along to them.