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Steps to Wellbeing Employment Service

Are you concerned that your Mental Health is affecting your Employment?

Are you concerned that your Employment is affecting your Mental Health?

Are you currently off work or unemployed due to your Mental Health?

Steps to Wellbeing Employment Service

Are you concerned that your mental health is affecting your employment?

Are you concerned that your employment is affecting your mental health?

Are you currently off work or unemployed due to your mental health?

The Employment Service provides support for anyone who is experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues that are having an effect on a person’s ability to engage in their current work role or to gain meaningful employment.

Due to the growing evidence that health, work and well-being are closely linked Southampton Steps to Wellbeing, as part of the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies national initiative (IAPT), have set up an Employment Advice support service for people who are struggling with their mental health which is having a direct or indirect impact on their working lives. The service has been developed to help people overcome problems affecting their ability to work effectively by working closely with the individual and accessing their current needs. The final outcome is to help the patient maintain employment, return to employment or gain positive employment. This will be different for each individual and the programme has been developed with this flexibility in mind.

What the service provides

For the Employee

  • Support to return and maintain employment

  • Assisting you to find solutions to specific problems

  • Engaging with your employer, in order to keep lines of communication open during sickness absence. (With the employee’s permission)

  • Help to prepare for a return to work

  • Mediate and facilitate support between you and your employer before and during a phased return to work, which may include both Human Resources and Occupational Health

  • Guidance for managing anxiety, helping you to be assertive and to challenge your fears

What to do now

Let the assessment team or your clinician know that you would like a referral into the Employment Service. They will then discuss your initial concerns with the Employment Service and decide on the best course of action for you.

For the Employer

  • Free impartial and confidential advice service for employers to identify solutions to work related issues

  • Supporting the employer to maintain skilled employees

  • Negotiation and mediation around work reasonable adjustments so that the job role becomes more manageable

  • Mediate and facilitate support between the business and employee during the phased return to work process

  • Keep lines of communication open with the employer and employee at all times.

  • Check on employee progress during the phased return to work process.

  • Introduction to services that can deliver mental health training courses to reduce sickness absence costs and increase workforce productivity

  • An introduction to Mindful Employer and its benefits to your business.

What to do now

Call or email the Southampton Steps to Wellbeing Employment Service to discuss your requirements further and to assess if there is any support available to you.

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