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Digital Therapies

We offer a range of therapy options that use modern technology...

Attend Anywhere

Online Courses / Webinar

It is now possible to attend some of our courses without leaving your home. Online courses allow you to learn the skills of CBT with our therapists via the internet. Our therapists will talk through the content of our courses and broadcast it to you via your digital device (PC / Mobile / Tablet).

These courses will take place live, which will allow you to interact with our therapists running the sessions by typing into the chat log. Please see here for more details

Computerised CBT / SilverCloud

SilverCloud is a computerised programme which teaches you CBT skills. The programme is informed by clinical expertise and over 10 years of research and testing. Please see here for more details

Typed 1-1 / IESO

With Ieso, CBT is delivered in real time over the internet by a fully qualified therapist through written conversation. Online CBT sessions follow the same
format as traditional face-to-face therapy but take place in a secure online therapy room, allowing you to attend from anywhere you feel most comfortable.

Skype 1-1

Skype therapy is a good way of having face to face therapy without leaving the comfort of your home. Skype appointments work in the same way as a normal face to face appointment, except that you and the practitioner can be in different locations. All you need is a webcam / microphone and you can connect directly to us.

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