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Important information about the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Click here for resources to help you cope with Covid-19

As you will be aware, the outbreak of COVID-19 is altering the way we need to interact with each other, and we are working hard to ensure we can continue to deliver our services as far as possible.

To protect our clients and our staff we are currently only offering a limited number of face-to-face appointments. We have a range of digital options that continue to be available, which you can find more about here.

You can access Dorset HealthCare's COVID guidance here:

And the NHS guidance here:

Information on visiting Dorset sites can be found at the following URL:

Easy-read information can be found here:
Easy Read Coronavirus Advice from Public Health England.
And information on when you need to wash you hands:
Government Easy Read Information.

Further information in other languages can be found here;

Vaccination Guide for older adults, Why you have to wait for your Covid-19 vaccination and what to expect after your Covid-19 vaccination

If you are isolating at home due to suspected covid-19 and your symptoms worsen or you are no better after seven days please call NHS 111.

We are doing all we can to continue to meet the needs of our service users during this time, however please be aware that our staffing levels, and therefore service provision, may be affected. See below for a range of information and resources that may help you during this time.

Looking after your mental health

You may be worried or anxious about the coronavirus. This is a new and stressful event, and can be especially difficult for those with pre-existing mental health conditions, and physical health conditions that can cause extra worry.

Coming out of Lockdown may be particularly stressful, especially those that have been shielding either themselves or their loved ones. Every Mind Matters has useful information about how to manage anxiety about coming out of lockdown HERE.

There is advice on how to cope with both self-isolation and keeping up to date with information without being overwhelmed available from the following:
Mind have advice HERE.

The Mental Health Foundation has advice HERE.

You can also watch Dorset Healthcare's professional lead for Psychology and Psychotherapy, Meherzin Das, give tips on how to maintain your health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 outbreak by clicking on the video link.