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Are you living with physical pain?

Often, the things we do to try to avoid pain actually make the experience of pain worse.

Or we keep going despite the pain, and end up feeling worse.

Or we constantly focus on the pain, which then becomes overwhelming.

Or we have thoughts about the pain that make us feel angry, depressed, hopeless or anxious.

It is easy to slip into unhelpful patterns of behaviour and thinking that make the experience of pain much worse than it needs to be.

How can we help?
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) looks at the ways in which our thoughts, feelings and behaviours affect each other. Our trained and experienced CBT therapists will work with you to explore what changes you could make that would help you to cope better and feel better. We can’t promise to take your pain away, but we will support you to make choices and changes that will enable you to live the best life possible.

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